World Peace Gathering 2013: Xuất Gia Vị Tha

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The Xuất Gia Vị Tha/Temporary Leaving Home Monks & Nuns training program was held from Dec.12th to 23rd, 2013 as part of Compassionate Service Society’s World Peace Gathering event. 150 people participated in this program that trains lay men and women to practice the precepts of Buddhist monks and nuns. The thought is to give up all worldly possessions and attachments (ego) and solely dedicate oneself to the practice of compassion and bodhisattva (altruistic) path through prayers, bowing, recitation, meditation, and giving service for the benefit of others during this 12-day time frame. The virtuous merit garnered from this cultivation is bestowed to whomever the trainee monk/nun wishes to practice on the behalf for (e.g., loved ones).

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