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Dr. Son did an amazing job.
Dr. Son did an amazing job.
Phoebie N. Fountain Valley, CA
July 15, 2014

Dr. Son did an amazing job.
I had braces with him few years ago. Before I went to Lotus Dental to got my braces done, I was nervous. My teeth back then were not even. I had a lot of " Rang khenh"( crooked teeth). I rarely smiled with confident because of that. Even though other people say that was fine, but I still want a consultation for braces because I am ok with the look, but it got very annoying when food got stuck in those crooked teeth.

So i went there for a FREE consultation. Dr. Son is very patient and knowledgable to answer to all of my questions/ concerns about my teeth. He recommended me to remove one of the teeth and carefully explained to me this was my choice of doing it or not. I read the other reviews in here, saying the best Orthodontist is the one who never recommend you to remove your teeth or who tries to save your teeth. In my opinion, I think it is not true.

First of all, Dr. Son would make no benefit to recommend you to remove your teeth. His office is only providing specialist services because I had to go somewhere else to remove my teeth. Second of all, he always reassured that it is your choice to get your teeth removed or not in order to get the best results. My common sense just thinks about if my teeth is protruded out (hô) because my teeth were so crowded, it's making sense to remove one or two teeth before straighten them out. Lastly, I think we all have choices to go some where else if we don't trust the dentist. The orthodontist usually spent about 7 years plus to finish school. Dr. Son is famous in the community that he has practiced orthodontic for more than 10 years. For me, once I decided to have him as my orthodontist, I trusted his professional and work ethnic. The orthodontist doesn't recommend something without reviewing all the patient's records/profiles/ x-rays.

The staffs are nice and helpful. They helped me to save my money by showing me just to get only the upper jaw with clear braces instead of both jaws because I wanted the full clear braces for both jaws.

I removed my braces earlier than I expected. I am super happy with the result. My teeth are so straighten and look really nice. I have recommended a lot of friends to come here to have braces done. Many of my friends/families have braces done at Lotus and they are all happy with their teeth.

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