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Nhà sản xuất giò chả bò viên và súp hiệu New Choice và Saigon City Marketplace.
We are the source of franchise for the fabulous restaurant call Banh Cuon Tay Ho Restaurants which is a very popular restaurant in the Little Saigon in the City of Westminster. We serve dine in and take out of every unique food item that made from flour over steam cloth. We call it ‘banh cuon’. It is in combine with other banh cuon with filling, meat loaf, and shrimp tempura with a very tasty sauce call ‘nuoc mam’. People around the world coming to The Little Saigon must stop at Banh Cuon Tay Ho.
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This product is great!
This product is great!
Tiffany Mai Hang Ta
July 15, 2014

This product is great! It is so convenient and tasty but best of all, no preservative and added color. Congrats!!!

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