The meal offering before the Buddhas (Cúng ngọ)

Meal Offering Chant

Now we render this offerings to the Pure Dharma-body Vairochana Buddha;

To the Perfect Reward-body Nishyanda Buddha;

To the myriad transformation-body Shakyamuni Buddha;

In the Land of ultimate bliss, to Amitabha Buddha;

To Maitraya honored future Buddha;

And to all times and places to each and every Buddha;

To Manjusri Great Wisdom Bodhisattva;

To Universal Worthy Great Conduct Boddhisattva;

To Kwan Shr Yin Great Compassion Bodhisattva;

To Earth Treasury King Great Vow Bodhisattva;

And to all Honored Bodhisattvas, Mahasattvas;

Maha prajna paramita!

The three virtues and the six flavors, are offered to the Buddha and the Sangha;

To all beings of the dharma realm, we render this universal offering. Now as we have this meal before us, we make a vow for all living beings; May they take Dhyana Bliss for food, and be full with the Joy of the Dharma!

Mantra and verse to end the meal

Sa do nan        San myau san pu to      Jyu jr nan        Da Jr To Nan    Je li    Ju li   Jwun ti    So pe he

They who practice offerings, will certainly obtain their reward;

They who take delight in giving, will later surely find peace and happiness.

Now that the meal has been concluded, we make a vow for all living beings: May they have success in all they do, and be perfect in all Buddha-dharmas!

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