Suggestions for WPG working members (Teaching from WPG 2009)

image_globe1Though the WPG is in December, however, once we join it, we should cultivate WPG’s spirit IMMEDIATELY.

It is so important that we cultivate this spirit now, so that when the event actually happens in December, it will be just the result of what we cultivate now.

Thus, the event is a cultivation event, not just an ordinary event. What do we cultivate?

We cultivate 3 wholesome attitudes which are the essences of the WPG:

1. Openness = generosity, giving, joy from helping others, and forgiveness.

2. “Dễ thương” or lovability = gentleness, non-contention, free from fault-finding, and abstention from scolding and harsh speech

3. Harmony = care for others, paying attention to others’ needs, altruistic mindset

These attitudes are the antidotes for the three poisons that wreck havoc on our society as well as in our natural environment. What are the three poisons?

They are: greed, hatred, and selfishness.

When we are cultivating the 3 wholesome attitudes NOW, we actually put into motion the WPG within us. This is how we should organize the WPG in December.

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