Suggestions (tips) when serving people during the WPG (Teaching from WPG 2009)


  • Another name for this Kuan Yin Observance is the Assembly of Love.  Only with love can peace be attained; for that reason the English version of this convention is World Peace Gathering.  Hence, it is imperative, that at this very moment, we shall nurture the aspirations of all-embracing love and tolerance.  So that at the convention time, love and truthfulness will be the very nature of our heart and mind.
  • Paradigm shift:  ‘Each day at the convention is a day in Nirvana with Kuan Shr Yin.  We should be gentle, harmonious, loving, because we are with Kuan Shr Yin’
  • Guidelines of conduct: to be open, to give
  1. To be open: let go, gentle, smiling, optimistic, easy to forgive, easy to be OK.
  2. To give: we give kind words, tender smile, a sense of being supportive, a cheerful atmosphere; we transfer one’s enthusiasm to the people we are with; we give time; we give good service.
  • How do we foster love and tolerance?
  1. If we can be open with people, do it right away.  Go to them; don’t wait for them to come to you.
  2. When suddenly we remember those we had difficulties with in the past: we should phone them, invite them to attend the WPG.
  3. When suddenly we see individuals who are sad, miserable, being neglected, left out, misunderstood: we should approach them, listen to them, inspire them, spend some time with them.  Call out to them to attend the WPG.
  4. With family members, we should explain to them the insightful values of the convention.
  5. We should tell ourselves: ‘I should give myself a chance to improve, to be better.’  Then ‘move on’ passed the old, the sad, and the uneasy matters.
  • Commitment shift: each day at the convention, we solemnly vow to help a person to open up his/her heart.
  • Each morning, members of each team, when entering the hall, should sit together, even sitting alone is OK: we should start the day with an appreciation practice, where we will thank Kuan Shr Yin for being within us, working with us, and helping us overcome obstacles.  We should be thankful for the opportunity to serve; we thank all our team members for working so closely with us; we thank our body for giving us the expediency to have a good fortune to convey our love.
  • After performing the appreciation, open our hands, start to visualize that our heart is a infinite blue sky; we will perform our affirmation with: ‘I am open’, bringing in the bountiful space, the fresh air, the shining light, and the gentleness to all beings in the universe..  We should maintain this mind set as long as we can during the entire day.
  • At the end of the day, each team or oneself, should sit down and conclude this day with an appreciation: we thank all those who came and participated in the event.  We appreciate their kindheartedness.  We are thankful for the goodwill they brought to the convention; we appreciate the beauty of the love that proliferated throughout; we appreciate the opportunity to serve; we are thankful to our team members for their wholehearted contribution.
  • It is essential that our behavior be that of harmony, of kindness to all those who attended the convention.
  1. It does not matter how busy we are, if we are being asked, we should stop and answer the question.  Be very clear and informative.  Don’t ever defer the answer to Thay.  It may be detrimental to Thay’s health.
  2. Whoever needs help, help that person right away, and wholeheartedly.  After you have helped that person, it would be proper to say ‘thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve’.  People would certainly be very delighted when they hear that.
  3. Suppose some one asked for the direction to the restroom (or any other place), if we don’t have time, it would be sufficient just to give very clear instructions.  If we are truly not busy, we should take that person to the restroom, so as to have the chance to become acquainted with that person.  But don’t stand there and wait, don’t go to the restroom and sit next to that person.
  4. If we see someone stand alone, and appears to be ill at ease or shy, we should go and strike up a conversation with that person.  Explain the activities if we have time, if we don’t have time, we should introduce ourselves and take that person to the team which may have the answer to that person’s predicament.
  5. If we see the elderly, we should come forward and help them, hold their hand, show them their sitting place, the restroom location; show them how to bow, how to practice the integral Tai Chi forms.  Do it without reservation, and with loving kindness.
  6. If we see people carry heavy or too many belongings while leaving the hall (may be they have just made numerous purchases of Buddha statues, books, T-shirts, etc. from CSS), we should politely and cheerfully offer to help them carry their belongings to their car.  We don’t need to help drive them home or drive their car home for them.
  7. Don’t ever act like a big shot; avoid the commanding behavior, the authoritative attitude, or any conduct that may promulgate the negativeness of the 3rd chakra, such as arrogance, nastiness, irritable tone of voice, raging expression, rolling eyes, fabricating stories, humiliating or blackmailing people.
  • When we suddenly feel like getting angry, wanting to cry, wanting to scream, then we should go inside and joint the public to prostrate, chant fervently the invocation of Kuan Shr Yin’s name.
  • Though we are busy with our assigned task, we should find ways to participate in the repentance services, in the meditation sessions, or the Tai Chi sessions, even though it is only for a brief moment.
  • ‘Don’t keep yourself unnecessarily busy’
  • Also, we should not be ‘without anything to do’, just to stand there, looking left and right, doing nothing, or running around without any useful purpose for the team, or for others. 
  • We should do our best before letting others do it for us.  With our team members, we should unconditionally support them, keep the pleasing atmosphere.  Wholeheartedly, without conflict, different from being consumed with internal rage, while portraying exterior poise.
  • When we are faced with the following special situations:
  1. People come with the intention to disrupt or challenge, drunkards, addicts, mentally unstable, those who want to get attention, the homeless.
  2. We should remain very calm, using gentle words; we should avoid boisterous arguments.  We should invite them to a special guest room; ask them to express their concern.  Attentively listen to them, give them our undivided attention; go and find the team leader, find peaceful ways to resolve the issues.  Avoid letting those people disturb the public, or aggravate our mind.

Summary of the 3 essential prerequisites:

  1. Paradigm shift: ‘Each day at the convention is a day in Nirvana with Kuan Shr Yin.  We should be gentle, harmonious, loving, because we are with Kuan Shr Yin’
  2. Commitment shift: ‘each day at the convention, we solemnly vow to help a person to open up his/her heart.
  3. Guidelines of conduct: to be open, to give
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